Cuyama Lamb

Growing Lamb, Land & Wool.


Grazing for Our Future

Cuyama Lamb, LLC is a sheep outfit committed to the regeneration of native California grasslands and the production of affordable, ethical food & fiber. Founded in 2018, we operate primarily in the Cuyama Valley of Central California as well as in the coastal foothills of Santa Barbara County.



Our Services


Grazing for Fire Mitigation

Wildfire is a threat to millions across California. Grazing helps mitigate that threat, saving people, property, and ecosystems.


Integrated Crop Management

Sheep are the ideal companion for integration into orchard, vineyard, and crop systems. Keep down the weeds, remove crop residues, and fertilize naturally while letting the sheep do the work.


Ecological Restoration

High-density rotational grazing favors the spread of native California plants and inhibits the spread of invasive species. Using monitoring and seeding protocols amplify our results.


Where We Work

Our home base—and our namesake—is the Cuyama Valley, a 75 mile long mountain-ringed stretch of land located in Central California. The name Cuyama derives from kuyam, the name of the Chumash village that inhabited this valley for 10,000 years…


Our Products


Eat well knowing the food on your plate is helping regenerate California ecologies and protect communities from forest fires. Place your orders here!


We produce fine wool, support woolen arts, and create educational opportunities for up-and-coming shearers.


Who We Are


Jack Thrift Anderson

Jack has worked for the last five years on livestock operations in Oklahoma and California. Right now he’s busy tending to the other details of launching Cuyama Lamb, and he will write his bio soon.


Jenya Sarah Schneider

Jenya has focused on regenerating ecologies for a decade. In college she studied theories of religion, decolonialism, and ecology, graduating from Brown University in 2010. Since then she has worked toward the restoration of ecosystems, including the Elwha River watershed, and the restoration of healthy human communities, helping to develop a nature-based mentorship program for girls in the San Francisco Bay Area. After meeting Jack at Quail Springs in 2016, he quickly wooed her with the vision of Cuyama Lamb, which spoke to her deepest dreams. She's happy to consider so many four-leggeds amongst her closest friends.