Our Team



Lucy more properly pronounces her name Lucia in a heavy Italian accent that she brought with her from the oak woodlands of northern Italy, where her Maremma breed originates. She is a fierce guardian of her sheep, but has a soft spot for human affection. She’s a hardworking girl. When she isn’t working, she enjoys watching sunsets and sleeping in the shade.




Yorae came home to us in a shoe box. Her name is Hebrew for “first rain” because that’s what she brought with her. She has grown from a tiny puppy into an enormous canine, somehow more similar in appearance to a lioness. She is quick to make new friends and is always up for a good belly rub, which she expects to receive even from sheep, but as of yet it appears to be an unrequited request.




Sherman quit his early days as a train-hopping dog to live a quiet but fulfilling life walking ungulates on a remote desert farm. Sherman has an inborn love for pushing sheep, and has embraced his late-life career change with gusto. We appreciate Sherman’s endless loyalty and good looks.